David Wilson is owner and researcher of CU Market Research of Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has conducted completely customized market research projects for credit unions since 1991, specializing in quantitative research through multi-channel member surveys and qualitative research gathered through member focus groups.

David earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia in the early 1970s and has worked in marketing and communication ever since. He received extensive training in customer satisfaction research through the Burke Marketing Institute. His broad consultative experience with credit unions since the mid-1970s provides the basis for his specialization in credit union market research.

Until early 2001 David only conducted market research projects for Tennessee credit unions within his responsibilities as Executive Vice President of the Tennessee Credit Union League. At that point David purchased the business and continued his League responsibilities until his retirement in 2014. Now David works with credit unions nationwide, helping credit union management and marketing departments use member feedback as a valuable tool in the decision-making process and providing a gut-check for boards of directors that their strategic planning is member-focused and member-driven.